Inspections & Warranties

The water drained away of diverted by us using a gravity flow system (high to low pt. drain) directing all the water to a low pt. in the system; the collection or discharge area. Designed then installed by us to collect and then remove the water. Whenever possible and if at all practical, we always will custom design our systems in a way that all water collected drains away or runs off on its own, naturally. With no help needed from an electrically powered device (sump pump). It's our system we refer to as maintenance free. The very best and most reliable of our custom drainage systems and doesn't require continued attention or costs to maintain, service regularly and operate.

"A" Waterproofing & Drainage Inc. will only, when absolutely necessary. Install or use a sump pump (a device requiring electrical power) to remove any water collected. In the rare occasion, when we do have to install a pump. It comes as a last resort. With the other waterproofing companies, it is their 1st and only choice, once again limiting your options and the system's effectiveness. We are well aware of the issues and concerns involved in using a sump pump. The realtors tell us all the time, having to use a pump, backup battery, dehumidifier and all the other unnecessary, expensive devices sold and used by the other companies. Often throw up red flags and alert buyers of possible problems and issues concerning water and moisture, making the sale of your home not as appealing to potential buyers. The cost to maintain, service and replace a sump pump doesn't ever stop. When a pump is used, the job is never paid in full, not including the electricity it will require to operate.

In the rare occasions where a sump pump is deemed necessary. We will only use Zoeller brand pumps, the most reliable, dependable pumps made. In cases where having to use a pump is unavoidable. Our installation experts are trained and educated in designing collection systems using back water valves, one way check valves, catch basins, sumps and pump wells in such a way that volume and flow to and from pump, and discharge lines are reduced greatly. The amount of times your pump cycles become less frequent, helping pumps to turn on less, thus lasting much longer and operating much more efficient.

Keep in mind, "A" Waterproofing & Drainage Inc. is leading the way, specializing in creating custom drainage systems that are designed and installed to remove and disperse the water collected by our systems in such a way that sump pumps are rarely used and seldom needed. Why in the world would any home owner or business decide to use a pump of any kind, along with the extras required. If it were not absolutely necessary? Duh?? Having to use a sump pump should come as a last resort, not the first and only option offered to you.

If you are having water problems due to standing water in the crawlspace area below your home. Causing you troubles passing the home inspections needed in order for it to sell. "A" Waterproofing & Drainage Inc. have the most reliable and dependable crawlspace drainage systems available. All our systems and services come with a lifetime warranty that's transferable with the sale of your property. We stand behind all our work with a 100% satisfaction guarantee, which also include passing home inspections. We don't fail inspections. Passing home inspections and providing home owners with peace of mind is only a small part of what we offer our valued customers. We have worked closely with most of the city's inspectors, along with many of the realtors working in the Portland/Metro and surrounding areas. All our work and repairs done have never once failed to pass a home inspection, the very first time. That is not some of the time, or even most of the time. It's every single time!!!

If you don't have time to do it right, how do you have the time to do it again.
When it pours, "We Reign"